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Reviewing Policy & Guidelines

To clarify Heartstrings' current reviewing policy, please read the guidelines below:

(i.) As a genre-specific website, only romance novels, women's fiction and chick lit will be accepted for review and/or be given full review consideration. This includes full-length novels, novellas and short stories which possess strong romantic themes and are relationship-focused.

(ii.) Upon acceptance of a review request, every effort will be made to provide a fair, balanced and unbiased review of the submitted material in as timely a manner as possible. It may be necessary for a reviewer to pick and choose from the review material at their disposal, however, if demand is particularly high.

(iii.) No changes will be made to a completed review unless an error or factual accuracy has been found -- or if too much of the plot has been revealed in the synopsis for an author's liking (in which case, the reviewer will endeavor to make the appropriate changes).

Please include as much info as you can when submitting a review request: title, genre, book synopsis, website links, et cetera.

*Printed review copies -- in some way, shape or form -- are the PREFERRED REVIEWING MEDIUM*



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